The system of bird scaring in Zhukovsky was a secret


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

The system of bird scaring at the airport Zhukovskiy have to work around the clock, but no details about her work schedule was not disclosed. This is with reference to the press service of the air Harbor radio station “Moscow Says”.

Zhukovsky could not specify, whether worked service ornithological protection during the emergency, with the plane “Ural airlines”, since this question is in conducting the Flight research Institute named after Gromov in whose territory is located the airport. “Here is a very old airfield. Initially, experimental aircraft, now we combine work with the flights of civil aviation”, — noted in press service.

Airport representatives said that the Institute is a secure object and not spread in the open access schedule their services. “Nothing this morning they were working, they are resting tomorrow,” — said in Zhukovsky.

Representatives of LII. Gromov declined to say whether worked the system on the morning of 15 August in Zhukovsky. “Everyone is on the scene. Comments will be later”, — quotes the words of the representatives of the Institute of Telegram channel “Rise”.

The plane “Ural airlines” with 226 passengers on Board flew from Moscow to Simferopol in the morning on August 15 and made an emergency landing in a corn field in the area of Zhukovsky 15 minutes after takeoff. 23 people were hospitalized, including five children.

The reason of emergency landing was called the ingress of birds into the engine. One of them fell off after landing. Later, the airline said that the ship failed power plants. At the time of inspection the crew of the aircraft suspended from work.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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