The youngest billionaire was suspected of buttock augmentation


The youngest billionaire in history Kylie Jenner were suspected of buttock augmentation. She posted in her Instagram account a photo, which is lying on its stomach in a bathing suit. The size of her buttocks confused subscribers.

“Do not think that I criticize, but she put implants in your ass or something like that? I don’t remember her ass was as big as Kim. She always looked so skinny!” — surprised one of the fans Jenner. “The top half — Jenner, the lower the doctor,” wrote another subscriber.

“Ass needs to be at least real, I mean to match the natural standards of human body,” criticized the appearance of the girl is another fan. “Please stop doing transactions. You look like you have a full diaper!” — agreed the other.

However, there were those who praised the appearance of Jenner. “Nothing can be done about it, I’m jealous. She’s perfect,” wrote one of the fans of the businesswoman.

Previously Kylie Jenner accused of premature aging. Entrepreneur has published in social networks photos taken on the day of his 22nd anniversary in the Italian town of Portofino. Her fans have noticed that she looks older than his years.

5 March edition of Forbes called Kylie Jenner the youngest billionaire in the world, the self-scored condition. The girl opened her own brand of cosmetics Cosmetics Kylie in 2016 and to date has earned one billion dollars. Thus she was ahead of the Creator of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, who made his first billion at age 23.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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