A drunken tourist tried to open the emergency exit and dirtied the cabin


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alan Wild

The passenger airline Ryanair, flying from Manchester to Tenerife, got drunk with whiskey, dirtied the plane and tried to open emergency door during flight. Reported by the Daily Mail.

As told 47-year-old companion of the brawler Alan Wilde, who traveled with the girl and 11-year-old stepson, the flight was hell. “We heard the noise even before boarding the plane. This guy swore at flight attendants in a loud voice, and even my stepson said how he’s a drunk,” recalls Wilde.

Then a deranged passenger proceeded down the aisle of the liner and collapsed on the seat near the emergency exit. Seeing this, other tourists called the flight attendant and told that the man could not sit there because he will not even be able to fasten the seat belt.

“If you are familiar with the conditions of landing near the emergency exit, you remember that the main requirement is to control everything that happens. But the flight attendants didn’t care. They said that to cope with the situation,” — said Wilde.

However, according to an eyewitness, after half an hour of the flight, a drunken passenger vomited on himself and on the floor, and the flight attendants were idle for 20 minutes. “Can you imagine the smell? I saw, as he opened his bag… He drank three quarters of a bottle of whiskey,” said the companion.

Then a drunk tourist spat on the floor and hung on the door of the emergency exit. “Everyone was very scared and didn’t understand what was happening. Just a nightmare. The flight duration of four hours seemed to us twelve hours,” said Wilde.

Wilde said that after landing the crew 20 minutes helped the intoxicated passenger to leave the plane. The rest had to wait for him on the bus in the heat.

Later, the representative of the airline, Ryanair said they regret the inconvenience delivered to other passengers on that flight.

Earlier it was reported that a flight attendant of the aircraft Air Wisconsin was drunk during the flight and are unable to serve passengers. They complained to the ground staff, who called the police. Later, representatives of the airline reported that it fired the woman because during the incident she was on probation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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