Changed the main owner of the US debt


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The leader in possession of US Treasury bonds in June of this year, Japan was ahead of China. On the balance she of the securities 1,122 trillion dollars, from China — on 1,112 trillion, according to Bloomberg, citing data from the U.S. Treasury.

Tokyo may have purchased bonds for 21.9 billion dollars, making their investment a maximum in October 2016, and the Beijing — 2.3 billion. The last time Japan was the largest holder of bonds in may 2017.

In the last couple of years, China has ranked first in possession of us bonds. Experts suggest that Beijing against the backdrop of trade wars may arrange the sale of the securities or to threaten to do this during negotiations with Washington. However, this option is considered as one of the last means of pressure, when all other options become impossible. Currently, signs of such sales on the market do not see.

In third place ownership of American bonds by a wide margin from the second is UK — she 342,2 billion. Growth in the last month amounted to 323 million dollars.

Russia in the winter of last year, when its investments in bonds reached almost $ 100 billion, actively sells us securities. At the moment it holds bonds in the amount of 10,848 billion dollars.

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