Discovered an unknown body pain


www.vsyako.netImage: Abdo et al. / Sience

Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that Schwann cells — supporting cells of nervous tissue form a body, responding to the impact of sharp objects, pressure and burning. This publication reports Science Alert.

During the experiments, the researchers deduced genetically modified mice in which Schwann cells within reticulated structure under the epidermis, could be activated by light. When exposed to light stimulus, the animals showed signs of pain, including twitching paws or excessive licking himself. It didn’t happen with stimulation of nerve endings or other types of Schwann cells.

By blocking the activity of Schwann cells mice showed reduced sensitivity to mechanical but not thermal effects.

According to scientists, although the presence of the network of Schwann cells in humans has not yet been confirmed, the Agency is likely to have in humans. The results of the study in this case will help to develop new methods of treatment of chronic pain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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