Explained the proceedings after the purchase of Russian drugs to son


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

Criminal case after the purchase by the resident of the Moscow Internet-drug “Frisium” for a seriously ill child was brought by customs officers. About this Telegram-“the Climb” was informed in the Federal customs service (FCS).

The case is being investigated under the article on illegal moving through border of the Customs Union of psychotropic substances. In the FCS noted that the woman is a witness in the case. Customs added that the woman bought 600 pills “Frisium”. The arrest took place on August 12.

Earlier on 16 August, the Investigative Committee said that was not filed against the woman criminal case, reported RIA Novosti.

On 15 August it became known that in Moscow have detained another woman, purchased online “Frisium” to suffer epilepsy son. When she came to receive the package in the mail, she was detained by employees of Department on struggle against contraband of drugs of the Customs service. The woman was searched, seized a computer system unit. The health Ministry has promised to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug “Frisium”.

16 July in Moscow at the post office detained the mother of a terminally ill child Elena Bogolyubov, when she took the package with “Frisionum”. Its kept in office for seven hours, threatening with criminal charges of smuggling psychotropic substances. The interior Ministry stated that Agency staff was not involved in the arrest. Later it turned out that it was customs officers. The case against the Russians, was not initiated.

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