Have lived together for 68 years the couple revealed the secret of long lasting relationship


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The couple from the American city oborn, Washington, more than 68 years, wore the same clothes and called it one of the secrets to the longevity of their marriage. This publication reports the Metro.

Francis (Francis) and rosemary Klontz (Rosemary Klontz) met in high school and were married for 68 years. According to the woman, once her mother bought them matching shirts, and then the pair started to wear similar clothes.

Rosemary is fully responsible for the appearance of Francis, who wears that chooses for his wife. The couple together, sing hymns, and believe that faith in God also helps them to maintain good relations.

“First Jesus, then others, and then you” — as the wife of Klontz choir has described their attitude to life.

Earlier it was reported that an elderly couple from the city of Albany (new York) has become popular in social networks and media after their grandson had posted on Twitter pictures of seniors in a matching color and style of the clothes. At first, the couple picked up the clothes in such a way only to visit dance classes and Church, and then began to think through your outfits for any exit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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