Pornographic actress revealed the secrets of his success


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A woman named Stephanie vixen (Vixen Stephanie) told me about how she was able to earn on PornHub about 12 thousand dollars (782 thousand) per month working in the porn industry. Her experience she shared on Reddit.

According to the woman, the fact that it uploads your own videos, which gets a steady income. “As long as people click on my videos, I make them”, — explained the actress. In addition, some of the videos it sells via the service ModelHub.

The vixen noted that a possible reason why ex-porn star MIA Khalifa earned 12 thousand dollars for his three-month career, is that she was paid a fixed amount for a single scene. When vixen was working at a Studio Brazzers, she had the same order of calculations.

The woman admitted that she went to work in porn after her boyfriend asked her to work somewhere. They both decided that shooting porn would be a fun idea. Vixen added that after beginning her career in the industry, their sex became less boring.

Aspiring porn actress has underlined that does not consider the shooting in candid video as a job for life. In the future she plans to become a manicurist.

Earlier in August, Khalifa revealed their earnings to the porn, the size of which surprised many. In addition, the actress said, for whatever reason, left the profession.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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