Russia quite disappointed in US debt


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Parshin / RIA Novosti

Russia continued to cut investment in us government debt in June 2019 brought them to 10,848 billion, according to data from the U.S. Treasury. Thus, Moscow is the fourth month in a row gets rid of US government securities.

In may, Russian investments totaled 12,024 billion, in April — 12,136 billion, in March — 13,715 billion. The last time Russia stepped up its investments in us bonds in February 2019: then they rose to 14,507 billion compared with the previous month in 13,180 billion.

Meanwhile, in June investment in long-term U.S. bonds increased from 5,250 billion to $ 5,296 billion. Before that, in April, they had reduced to 5,832 billion, compared with the March level 8,212 billion. The share of Russia in short-term American bonds in June fell to 5,552 billion 6,774 billion.

Russia started to withdraw from the American national debt in 2018. In January its investments was $ 96,898 billion dollars,but already in April it cut them virtually in half, to 48,724 billion, and in may and at up to 14,905 billion. Then the volume of investments in US debt periodically rose and fell, but the mark of 15 billion more was not overcome.

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