Screenwriter of “Chernobyl” and wanted to feed and comfort the creators of the series NTV


www.vsyako.netCraig Mazin Photo: Rebecca Cabage / Invision / AP

Writer released in the spring of the British TV series “Chernobyl” Craig Mazin told about his attitude to the Russian project on the same topic, which relieves NTV. His words on Thursday, August 15, reports IndieWire.

“To shoot a TV series is hard work, and whatever happens with politics, Putin, his government, deep down I will always sympathize with those who decided on this work. Even if the task of the Russian show — the denigration of our work or to propagate false versions of the story,” said screenwriter.

Mazin also added that followed negative reactions to leaked in the Internet the trailer for “Chernobyl” NTV, and sympathized with him mocked the creators: “I would like to call these guys out to lunch and say you know what it is that we are in the same business.”

Earlier in July, played in the British series of academician Legasov actor Jared Harris thought the plot of the project from NTV funny, surprised line with the CIA agent who hunted down in Chernobyl the day of the accident at Chernobyl.

Series about Chernobyl from NTV channel, was announced in July 2018. In the story, the Ukrainian division of the KGB becomes aware of the interest shown by foreign intelligence services to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In Pripyat comes the Lieutenant Colonel of military intelligence who is looking for a CIA employee walking around the city. A year later the Director of the series, Alexei Muradov in an interview with “the Open media” criticized the inaccuracies in the HBO and said that the story of the CIA — the Central subject of this project, stressing that they “do not hang any labels on anyone”.

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