Tajik exorcists of demons was accused of sexual harassment


www.vsyako.netMirzayusuf Nodirbek: live TV and radio CM-1 / YouTube

In Northern Tajikistan detained two “traditional healers” on suspicion of sexual harassment of clients. About it reports the edition “Akhbor”.

Men studied popular among the population of Tajikistan, “the expulsion of the Jinn” (demons).

Against a 35-year Pandorica of Mirzayusuf nodirova prosecuted. He was arrested in the Nude during a session with one of his clients, which he promised to expel the Jinn from her phone Reportedly turned to him for amulets of happiness and success, as well as to relieve or restore damage and preparirovania.

Mullah Rakhmatullo named Devon (Mad) has been convicted of abuse using a hidden camera. Client healer has agreed to cooperate with the investigation and captured one of the sessions. The footage shows how a man picks up the hem of her dress and touches the body. Did he pay his client compensation in the amount of three thousand dollars and not be prosecuted.

In Tajikistan the witchcraft attributed to local mullahs. Some of them are mentioned in the criminal chronicle. So, in the fall of 2013 it became known about the arrest of Mullah abdulwahid Kadyrova, a suspect in the murder of a man during a ritual to exorcise the Jinn. Shortly before this he had been convicted of Asadullo Ibrohimov, known as the “Mullah-wizard”: he was found guilty of assaulting a woman he supposedly healed. It was also reported that in the South-West of the country, was detained Abdujabbor Abdurakhmonov, making their living by spells and witchcraft. According to police, he with the help of hypnosis has convinced several young people to Rob a local businessman.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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