The Chinese are angry at Huawei for the “stab in the back”


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Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei came under a barrage of criticism from users of local social networks. They noticed that some smartphones define Taiwan as a separate state, reports Taiwan News.

Screenshots from smartphones spread in the Chinese Weibo messenger. They show that if you select the simplified Chinese characters, the Taipei, capital of Taiwan, is located in the time zone of China. And if you put a traditional letter, the city falls into the time zone, displaying it as part of Taiwan, that is a separate country.

China considered this behavior a “stab in the back”. The hashtag #HuaweiGetoutofChina (华为滚出中国) mass dispersed on Weibo. Users accused the company of double standards and backstabbing behavior, calling for a boycott of its products. The indignant Chinese also called the situation an act of separatism on the part of Huawei.

Recently under criticism on Chinese social networks, landed such popular brands as Versace, Coach, and Givenchy. All of them in one way or another got on territorial issues. T-shirt Versace Hong Kong and Macau were identified as independent States. Ambassador Coach in China, the model Liu Wen, discovered a brand t-shirt with independent Taiwan, then ripped the advertising contract. Member of Chinese boy band TFBoys Jackson And acted the same way when I found out that one of the shirts signed Givenchy Hong Kong and Taiwan. All companies quickly apologized. Last year I had to make excuses Marriott and Delta Airlines.

The island of Taiwan is under the control of the partially recognized Republic of China, which claims to control of mainland China. In turn, Beijing considers Taiwan its territory. This situation arose in 1949, when Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the head of the Republic, took refuge in Taiwan with his associates after defeat by Mao Zedong. The confrontation between China and Taiwan have repeatedly led to armed conflict. Until 1970-ies, the Republic was recognized by most countries of the world, but now their number has decreased dramatically. The main ally of Taiwan are the USA.

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