The girl hid in the trunk and prevent the cheating of her boyfriend


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In the U.S. city of Midland, Michigan, the girl climbed into the trunk of the car, to see acquaintance, showed interest in her lover. This writes the newspaper Metro.

19-year-old Jacob Glasgow (Glasgow Jacob) told his girlfriend, 18-year-old Samantha Grimalsky (Samantha Grywalsky) that her friend is trying to flirt with him in social networks. When she asked him to meet Samantha to go with him. “I wanted to see how far she’s come and what he would do with my boyfriend when nobody’s looking,” she explains.

She decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. “Three blocks from the party venue’s boyfriend offered me to hide in the trunk, she says. — I climbed inside, he closed me, and then I drove up to her house.”

From the trunk of Samantha heard that her rival got in the car and spoke with Jacob. “Had to listen as she listed all that would like to work, — she says. — Frankly, she didn’t Shine with originality.”

The guy played along with her and said look in the car for condoms. Leaving the car, he released Samantha and went back to the car with her. While he was gone, the girl managed to remove the shorts. Despite this, she behaved as if nothing had happened and denied all charges. “I not only learned who she is really and see what kind of person my boyfriend,” concluded Samantha.

On 8 August it was reported that a private investigator from the Australian city of Sydney, talked about the secrets of surveillance of unfaithful spouses. In her view, infidelity can produce changes in the behavior and habits of the spouse.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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