The heat from the crematorium to warm the Swedish students



In the Swedish city of Vastanfors, Fagersta municipality, the local school decided to heat using heat from the crematorium. About it reports TV channel SVT Nyheter.

In the school, which is under the protectorate of the local Church, this year will build a new hall for sports. This room will be partly heated with the help of the crematorium.

The cremation in the air hit mercury and dust. In order not to pollute the atmosphere, the emissions from the crematorium filtered, pre-cooling. It was at this point in the atmosphere produces extra heat, which the Swedes decided to use to heat buildings.

As reported by the Swedish Association of cemeteries and crematoria, in the last ten years, more agencies use the produced heat for heating buildings. Of the 60 crematoriums in the country, 30 heat excessive heat its own premises and 20 other buildings.

The Manager of the local national Church of Junas Hagberg (Jonas Högberg) added that after his explanation, the locals understand that “that’s the way it should work in the future, where we are going” and don’t ask questions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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