The interior Ministry acknowledged the authority caught with the heroin kingpin of the Light



Moscow region investigators opened a criminal case against the criminal authority by a nickname the Spark, suspect in holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy. On Friday, August 16, “the” the chief reported a press-service of the MIA of Russia in the region Tatiana Petrova.

As noted by Petrova, repeatedly convicted for serious crimes 56-year-old native of St. Petersburg was arrested for possession of heroin. Then against it criminal case under article 228 (“Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacturing, processing of narcotics, psychotropic substances or their analogs”) criminal code of the Russian Federation. The court sentenced him to 10 months imprisonment.

It was later established that the man was considered the highest position in the criminal hierarchy — the thief in the law. He coordinated the activities of organized criminal groups on the territory of Krasnogorsk, Volokolamsk, Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region and the Northern district of Moscow. He also participated in the division of spheres of criminal influence and criminal incomes.

According to “Prime Crime”, we are talking about criminal authority Alexander Okuniew. The last time he was involved in a similar article in 2014, but received four years probation. On account of the men had nine priors. Since the 1970s he sat for thefts, hooliganism, robbery, weapons possession and murder. Okuneva crowned in Vladimir Central in 1994 with the participation of such thieves, as Tsitska, Soldier, North and Edward Asatryan.

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