The mentioned consequences of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

A full-scale nuclear war between Russia and the United States would plunge the Earth into a decade of nuclear winter. This is the conclusion reached by scientists Rutgers University, National center for atmospheric research USA and the University of Colorado. For publication in Journal of Geophysical Research drew the attention of the Daily Mail.

In particular, experts have found that nuclear explosions would cause a massive fires and large-scale soot emissions into the atmosphere (about 147 million tonnes). Soot, in turn, will gather in clouds and limit access to sunlight, which can lead to a drop in average temperature of nine degrees Celsius.

“Full-scale nuclear attack would be suicide for the country which decides to spend it”, — stated in the article. It is argued that the use of nuclear weapons by Russia and the United States will have catastrophic consequences for the world.

Experts emphasized that policymakers need to be aware of any possible scenario and consider this information when making decisions. “The ultimate goal is the reduction of nuclear arsenals and nuclear disarmament of all parties”, — stated in the text.

According to the conclusions of the authors, their results generally confirm the predictions of previous climate models of the atmosphere, which dealt with the possible impact of nuclear war on climate.

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