The mother compared the births in the membrane of a child with the monster from the movie “Alien”


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Finley Grigg (Grigg Finley) from Surrey (England) born in the amniotic bag, which is usually torn during childbirth, because of what his mother Zoe Robinson (Zoe Robinson) compared newborn with a Stranger. It is reported by The Sun.

Mother said that when he heard the doctors are panicking and talking about the bag, then looked down. The woman claims that her baby was similar to a character in the movie “Alien” by Ridley Scott.

The doctors had to carry out a caesarean section when the baby was outside, it struck 29-year-old mother of a newborn. Zoe told the publication that the doctors were as shocked as she, as children are born in bags very rare.

Fiance Zoe, Stuart Grigg (Stuart Grigg) filmed the birth on camera, so I took a lot of photos. He said that it was weird and amazing. Finley was in the amniotic bag a few minutes while the doctors finished the operation.

The boy was born October 15, 2018. Mother said that sailors have a saying regarding children born in the bag. Sailors believe that these people do not drown.

Now with baby it’s all right, unusual birth had no effect on his health. The publication notes that in many cultures the birth of “bubble” means good fortune and happy life.

According to statistics, only one of the 80 thousand children born in the amniotic bag.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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