The Pentagon has warned about the growing influence of Russia in Africa


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Manish Swarup / AP Photo

Russia and China expand their influence across Africa. The representatives of the Pentagon warned the U.S. Congress, reports The Intercept.

The current and past leaders of the African command of the armed forces of the United States Stephen Townsend and Thomas Waldhauser explained that Moscow and Beijing actively expanding economic, diplomatic and cultural ties with at least ten countries of the African continent. Among other things, they noted the explosive growth of trade, implementation of projects in nuclear energy and oil and gas sectors, as well as the growing market arms trade.

Particularly, they focused the attention of the congressmen on the activity of the Russian private military companies in 15 African countries.

The generals advised the lawmakers also expand cooperation with Africa in order to deprive Russia and China to get full access to ports, bases and airspace of the continent. Otherwise, the freedom of action of States in Africa and around it will be under threat, summed up in the Pentagon.

In September 2018 the Guardian noted that the strengthening of Russia in Africa has caught the West by surprise. Newspaper interviewed experts noted that Moscow began to operate more actively in 2018: in particular the continent in the spring was visited by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. We also learned about the direction to the Central African Republic 175 the Russian instructors and the free delivery of arms and equipment.

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