The unexpected request of the partner before the first date scared the guy


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A Twitter user with the nickname EricD14 published correspondence with a potential partner, which is planned to go on a first date. Please someone you barely knew the guy surprised him, and he decided to share it with subscribers.

Partner, whose name was not disclosed, wrote: “Going to the gym, do me a favor?” This new Yorker said, “Sure, what do you do?” The young man asked him to go into the contact details, to include notice that he read the sender’s message. This feature allows you to see the exact time when people read sent text.

EricD14 surprised at this request and at a loss only wrote “What!?!” in response. In the comments to the post agreed with a skeptical attitude towards this practice. Many stressed that they consider excessive such attention to correspondence. “Run it away”, advised one commentator. Another lady said that this “alarm bell” for any relationship, especially before personal acquaintance.

In July, the lady Reddit told me that rudely rejected the annoying fitness trainer who tried to ask her out. For it is deprived of the right to go to the gym.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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