Uzbekistan announced the deal with the “stench” in Facebook


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The head of the Agency of information and mass communications of Uzbekistan Komil of Allamano explained to the bloggers and editors of mass media, their rights in social networks. On it informs “the”.

The official likened Facebook to a street where the houses are pages and users — the neighbors. “Each is cleaned at home, otherwise he will be responsible for the “stench” if it bothers the neighbors”, — he explained.

Alamanov reminded that legislation prohibits propaganda of war, violence and terrorism, religious extremism, and other actions that entail criminal and other responsibility. Bloggers and media editors are obliged to remove infringing user comments after receipt of the notice.

“People can write comments in compliance with the rules of decency, without slander and insults, the truth. I request you (media and bloggers — approx. “Of the”) to clean this garbage,” said he. The official urged not to wait for warnings from authorities and to remove such comments themselves.

Earlier in July, the Director of “Usecontent” Odil Abdukahorov stated that officials managed to establish control over the Uzbek rappers that they stopped using in the texts of obscene language. In his opinion, this style of music should be directed in the right direction to raise with it, young people, instilling in them the Uzbek mentality.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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