Wishing isolate Russia, Putin’s adviser, will lose the post


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A Russian presidential adviser on economic Affairs Sergei Glazyev will soon leave his post and go to work in the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC), reports Bloomberg referring to the representative of the EEC.

Informed about changing jobs Glazyev said the source “Izvestia”. According to them, the economist will be the Minister for integration and macroeconomics of the EEC, succeeding Tatiana Valovaya. Its purpose is to be held October 1 at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council. In such events involved the heads of state of member countries of the EAEU.

About the reasons of change of the representatives Glazyev said, but sources in the financial-economic bloc of the government, I believe that he leaves the presidential administration because of disagreement with the current economic course. Meanwhile, a source close to the EEC, said that the government would also take a new job Glazyev. “He is an active opponent of the monetary policy of the Central Bank and Finance Ministry, so they would be clearly against his appointment,” he said.

Glaziev-Advisor to President of Russia since 2012. He is considered one of the most vocal critics of the actions of the Central Bank and became famous for his numerous controversial economic ideas. In particular, he proposed to fix the exchange rate “reasonable” for a long time with the help of currency interventions and to freeze prices in the shops. Also among his initiatives to set the key rate of the Central Bank at the level of Europe, USA and China (2-3 percent), to allow Russian companies to repay their debts to countries that supported sanctions against Russia, and to impose a tax on the export of capital from Russia.

To combat poverty in the country, the economist proposed to include the printing press, to enter the regulation and to oblige the state banks to make loans based on the objectives of production growth. According to experts, a full execution of the ideas from the program Glazyev will lead the Russian economy to the isolation and reproduction of the Soviet model.

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