In the United States wanted Russia’s “Dead hand”


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The United States needs an analogue of the Soviet-Russian complex of automatic control of a massive retaliatory nuclear strike “Perimeter” (known in the West as the Dead Hand — “Dead hand”), writing in War on the Rocks American military experts Adam Lowther and Curtis Mcgiffin.

The necessity of such a system due to the emergence of potential opponents hypersonic weapons, stealth cruise missiles and the introduction of artificial intelligence, which drastically reduces the American leadership of the time required for a decision regarding the retaliation.

Speaking about the modern Russian weapons, which could threaten the American side, the authors mention cruise missiles “Caliber-M” and X-102, nuclear underwater drone “Poseidon” and complex “Avangard”. Experts believe that if Russia will use against the United States similar weapon, the last not sort out incoming information, before you make a decision about a retaliatory strike.

The way out of the situation Lowther and Macguffin see the creation of a U.S. counterpart to the Russian “Perimeter”, a feature which should be independent of the decision for retaliation based on own assessment of incoming threats. To do this, the authors propose to create and disperse across the country mobile mobile complexes for launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), strengthen the surveillance and intelligence that would allow US first to put a nuclear attack (the approach of “kill or be killed”), or to shorten the flight time to the enemy positions, for example, placing it near the borders of medium-range missiles.

Separately, the experts identified a fourth approach to operational decision-making to strike at the enemy the use of artificial intelligence. Lowther and Macguffin recognize the danger of this approach consists in the possibility of loss of human control over the machine.

The authors believe that the opponents of the United States (the publication refers to Russia and China) are not interested in maintaining the current arrangements relating to nuclear weapons, and promote their own vision of the future geostrategic order, what should be avoided.

In April, a military expert Pavel Podvig explained the emergence of the “Perimeter” of the limited ability of the USSR is guaranteed to track the launches of U.S. ICBMs both the space and on the ground.

In January, the Vice-President on information policy of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences (raran) doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov said that “Perimeter” is not able to ensure a retaliatory strike and launch on warning oncoming preemptive strike on American positions.

In November 2018 General-Colonel Viktor Esin announced that “Perimeter” will be able to run only a limited number of missiles.

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