Poroshenko accused in the withdrawal from Ukraine of eight billion dollars


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

The fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his tenure as head of state withdrew from the country at least eight billion (532 billion). This was stated by American billionaire Ukrainian-born Sam Kislin in an interview “Strenia”.

“Only the facts known to me through the state company “Centrenergo” was derived from 700 to 800 million dollars,” he explained, adding that in the US there is an investigation against Poroshenko, one of the cases related to the removal of abroad billion loan tranche from the International monetary Fund.

According to Kalina, there is reason to believe that all of this money “went not on purpose” — they allegedly brought in the form of refinancing to the commercial banks, then the funds “went into the pockets”. “All this was done by order of Poroshenko,” — said the source publication.

He added that the investigation of criminal cases against the former President in Ukraine, hardly moving with the current public Prosecutor of the country Yury Lutsenko. The billionaire believes that Lutsenko, as the ex-President himself, both “the corrupt officials who worked not for their own people, and in their pockets, and stole a lot of money.” Kislin said he was ready to support the investigation.

15 August it was reported that the party of former President of Ukraine “European solidarity” is preparing a submission to the constitutional court on illegality of creation of the State Bureau of investigation (RRT), investigating the case against him. It was noted that the proposal of the deputies for the recognition of certain norms of the law on GBR unconstitutional.

Against Poroshenko and his closest officials in Ukraine has opened 14 criminal cases, information on all productions are classified. He is accused of tax evasion, attempted usurpation of the judiciary, abuses of power, treason, legalized offshore of the proceeds of crime, money-laundering, the illegal appointment of the government and falsification of documents about the creation of a coalition in the Verkhovna Rada.

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