Published transcript of talks between pilots stranded in a cornfield Airbus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ruptly / RIA Novosti

Telegram-channel Baza published a transcript of talks by Damir Yusupov and George Murzin, pilots Airbus 321 “Ural airlines”, which made an emergency landing in a cornfield in the suburbs.

From the published data follows that managers of the airport Zhukovsky alerted the crew before take-off, at 06:12 GMT, on the “separate flights of birds”.

A few minutes after departure, at 06:14, the pilot signaled an emergency, reported the failure of one engine and requested permission to turn back to the airport, but a minute later changed their minds. “Please, ambulance and rescue service”, — they appealed to the managers at 06:15.

On the question of at what altitude is the plane and how many passengers on Board, the crew answered that he had landed “beyond the strip”. Also on the aircraft reported that it is not triggered the emergency beacon. “Don’t bother, we are evacuating passengers,” added the pilot.

Around 06:19, according to the negotiations, all passengers were evacuated. After another five minutes the crew reported no casualties.

The plane “Ural airlines” flying from Moscow to Simferopol, soon after takeoff has made emergency landing at the airport of Zhukovsky, on the morning of 15 August. On Board were 226 passengers and seven crew members. Injured 76 people. The cause of the fire engines, according to preliminary data, was the ingress of birds. During the landing one of the power plants fell off.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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