“Ungrateful” passenger emergency stranded Airbus wanted death


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Passenger aircraft Airbus A321 made an emergency landing in a corn field, was subjected to harassment in social networks due to the publication of the video from the scene. She told about it in interview to “360”.

After the landing of the airliner, the Russian Alla Garkovenko has recorded stories in which he lashed out at “Ural airlines” and complained that it got ruined in the accident. Currently, the record is deleted from the Instagram account of the girl.

On the video the passenger drew the attention of the British tabloid Daily Mail, which dubbed her “ungrateful teacher of pole dancing”. The publication writes that Garkovenko swears by the pilots, while the other passengers thanked them for their salvation.

“You have no idea what I write in comments and messages: better if you died, why do people like you survive. It is unpleasant, and it is strange that after such a catastrophe we are experiencing because of the people,” complained a Russian. She admitted that she recorded a video in a state of stress, when not understood, who is to blame in the incident.

The girl added that, after learning the details of the landing of the ship, she felt gratitude to the pilots. However, Garkovenko wants to sue the Daily Mail, who “took so much material without permission.” At the moment she is looking for a solicitor and compensation in the case that the court will side with her, she plans to transfer to the pilots of the Airbus A321 or to give to charity for the victims of the plane crash people.

The plane “Ural airlines” flying from Moscow to Simferopol, soon after takeoff has made emergency landing at the airport of Zhukovsky, on the morning of 15 August. On Board were 226 passengers and seven crew members. Injured 76 people. The cause of the fire engines, according to preliminary data, was the ingress of birds. During the landing one of the power plants fell off.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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