Ally’s richest man Moldova committed suicide


www.vsyako.netVladimir plahotniuc requires re-election to Parliament, June 2019, godatta: Miroslav Rotar / RIA Novosti

In Moldova, was found dead businessman Yuri Luncasu. He was an ally of the now exiled oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, the leader of the previously ruling Democratic party. Reports about it “Sputnik Moldova”.

The corpse of Lukansu with a gunshot wound was found on the track on Saturday evening, August 17. To the police about the death of a businessman, said his driver, who was present at the scene. He said that the boss called him in the evening to his home and asked for a ride.

Lukansu asked the driver to stop the car in a field and went out supposedly to get some fresh air. The driver heard a shot, waited until the businessman in the car. The police confirmed that the shot was fired from his personal weapon.

Before you get out of the car, the owner dictated to the driver the note with the following content: “White house I bought in 2017, I was an investor”. We are talking about the mansion with a plot in the exclusive area of Chisinau, which got its name due to its external similarity with the White house in Washington.

The purchase of this building was linked to a corruption scandal around the former ruling party and the Plahotniuc: as written, the edition, the owner of the mansion called the Cyprus offshore company and the official representative of the buyer during the transaction was Lukansu, whose name was already linked with the oligarch.

Vladimir plahotniuc, a businessman and politician, who is considered the richest and most powerful man in Moldova. Democratic party of Moldova, which for several years was the main political force in the country in June this year lost their status after the formation of a parliamentary coalition between Pro-Western bloc ACUM and the presidential Party of socialists, focused on Russia. After that the businessman left Moldova.

At home Plahotniuc accused of numerous abuses in Russia, he is arrested in absentia for the withdrawal of the country 37 billion rubles

Video, photo All from Russia.


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