Each staged a massacre of the teenager said about their meeting the day before the murder


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In the village Patrikeevo the Ulyanovsk region, where there was a mass murder of a family, was celebrated on the eve of the main festivities — the Day part. This was told by one of the closest friends of a teenager stabbed his relatives, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, he was one of the last who had seen the young man before the crime: “I gave him a modem. We stood, talked, he told me who was on holiday that there was, with whom he danced.”

It is noted that their meeting after the Day part was held in the period 23:30 to 00:00 local time (22:30-23:00 on Moscow). As he explained to the newspaper, the boy was “in good condition”, was not evil, but he smelled of alcohol.

A friend of the deceased also said that he was calm, kind and sympathetic, tried to finish school on “perfectly” to get a medal and go to one of the universities of Ulyanovsk. “The series “Dr. house” before I looked, all seasons. And the anime somewhere in the 8 th grade watched”, — said the interlocutor of “MK”, noting that the teenager was not into guns at all.

“A feeling as if someone hypnotized, he couldn’t himself. He is kind and normal person,” concluded the student.

August 18 in one of the houses in Patrikeevo were found the bodies of 66-year-old male, 69-year-old and 42-year-old women and two young children four years. 500 metres from the house where the murder took place near the tower of one of the cellular companies was found the body of a teenager.

According to the preliminary version, the young man hacked to death a mother with two children, grandma and grandpa, and then committed suicide. Criminal case is brought. The boy could deal with the relatives due to the long hostile relations, or by reason of mental disorder. The investigation intends to give him a posthumous psychological and psychiatric examination.

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