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Consumption of flax seeds can lead to cyanide poisoning. To such conclusion scientists from the European Agency for food safety (EFSA), reports the Daily Mail.

It is known that flax seeds are rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and micronutrients. Food manufacturers often add flax to cereals, porridge and yoghurt. However, flax seeds also contain an organic compound amygdalin (cyanogenic glycoside) that produces cyanide gas, the report says EFSA.

According to the researchers, only a third of a teaspoon of ground seeds may be hazardous to the health of the baby. Adult only three teaspoons to increase the risk of cyanide poisoning. The first signs of this disease are headache, irregular heartbeat and breathing problems. In some cases, poisoning may lead to death. Also, experts EFSA found that in a ground form, flax seeds secrete much more harmful substances.

At the same time, it is noted that the report considers a worst-case scenario, which involves a high content of cyanogenic glycoside in the seeds of flax. “Taking into account all uncertainties, we cannot exclude the risk for younger age groups in the use of ground flax seeds”, — the report says.

In late June, scientists at the University of Sussex in England, came to the conclusion that the artificial sweetener aspartame could pose a serious threat to human health. Experts also said that EFSA, which in 2013 said about the safety of aspartame ignored 73 studies indicating negative health effects from the use of the sweetener.

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