Russian villagers accused of veterans Affairs in the dominance of wild boars


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Smyslov / RIA Novosti

Residents of rural settlements Babaevskoe (Vologda region) filed a collective letter to the Governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov: they complained about the dominance of wild boars, which separates Kladenske the hunting of the Vologda veterans of the interior Ministry. About it reports regional portal 47news.

According to residents Babayevsky, wild boars in the village break fences and destroy crops of potatoes, while with time the situation only worsens.

“In the evening, the hogs run out on the village streets. Children and the elderly are afraid to leave their homes, fearing for their lives and health. Residents have limited free movement on the settlement — violated their legitimate rights, and caused material damage,” — said in a letter dated 14 Aug.

The authors note that the wild boar breeds Kladenske the hunting of the Vologda veterans of the interior Ministry, one of the founders of which is Konstantin lubomudrov. According to 47news, the hunting area, established in 2006, earning hunt a variety of animals, including boars. To get one animal is worth four thousand rubles.

Lubomudrov in an interview with the portal noted that the boars in the area of rural settlement Babaevskoe “originally lived”, and the whole problem lies in the fact that most locals no fences. The forest is only 5-7 meters away from the settlement.

“If there is no money, the administration needs to help, there’s also the price issue only in the front boom to put on the sides of the neighbors. And that fence is not raised, it is necessary for him to attach the log and the ground prikopat”, — concluded lubomudrov.

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