Shoigu promised to meet US in Europe, Asia and the Pacific


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Moscow will take symmetrical measures in connection with the U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) only after the U.S. side will begin to deploy new missiles in Europe and Asia. About it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” said Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, reports “Interfax”.

“Until you see it in Asia, in the Asia-Pacific region, and we’ll be there,” he added.

However, Shoigu said that Moscow is ready to continue dialogue with Washington on the intermediate-range and shorter-range. “We don’t just offer, we did open that one door, then the other. We showed its openness and transparency in all our steps and actions,” — said the head of the defense Ministry.

According to the Minister, the US was just looking for an excuse to exit the INF Treaty. He also claims that the American side even before this step has budgeted funds to develop new missiles.

The action of the INF Treaty officially stopped on August 2 this year. USA stated that it withdrew from the agreement because of its violation by Russia. Moscow, in turn, has repeatedly pointed out that acting in the framework of the agreements.

The INF Treaty, concluded in 1987 between the USSR and the United States, do not allow parties to be armed with ballistic and cruise land-based missiles with ranges between 500 and 5.5 thousand kilometers. Moscow and Washington have regularly accused each other of violating its terms.

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