The mayor of the canadian capital made coming out


www.vsyako.netJim Watsonthe: Chris Wattie / Reuters

The mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson has confessed his homosexuality, writing in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.

“I’m gay. Well, I said it, or rather wrote it. To hear these two words, it took me almost 40 years, but as they say, better late than never,” wrote Watson. He added that to remain silent about it for many years was “a big mistake”.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau commented on the recognition of Watson and thanked him for what he shared his story. “Bold words, which I am sure will inspire the citizens of Ottawa and all Canadians not to be ashamed to be who they are”, — the politician wrote on Twitter.

In Canada gay marriages are legal since the adoption on 20 July 2005 the civil marriage act. According to the report (July 2010) centre for sociological studies, Angus Reid, 61% of Canadians support the legal status of same-sex marriage, this figure is higher than in the US and in the UK (36 percent and 41 percent, respectively). According to the results of a survey conducted by marketing Research firm Forum in 2015, Canadians support same-sex marriage has reached 70 percent.

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