The named risks of the recommendations of the Ministry of health for smokers


Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

The proposal of the Ministry of health about the fact that Russian employers should introduce restrictive measures to combat Smoking workers is ambiguous and needs to be adjusted. This opinion has been shared by a member of the presidential Council for human rights Alexander Brod in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“The main risk is that they start fining smokers. They are often away from work, according to statistics, almost every hour to go smoke a cigarette”, — he said. In addition, Ford said that there are “chronic smokers”, which will not work, neither penalties nor treatment.

In addition, according to Ford, in case of action may arise of discrimination and employment law. He believes that some employers might start to dismiss “inconvenient” employees just because they smoke, and to consider the penalties as an opportunity to underpay.

The human rights activist noted that the proposal of the Ministry is unlikely to come to pass, as it is a recommendation and is not mandatory. “The global initiative was born in the bowels of the Ministerial offices and thundered like a bolt from the sky. Before their release, it is necessary to discuss them in expert community,” he concluded.

August 17 it became known that the Ministry of health introduced the corporate model program “healthy working” and offered to employers to take measures against Smoking employees. In particular, the document States that they should assess trucapture and material costs associated with Smoking employees, and to develop a tool for reducing tobacco consumption, using financial incentives or penalties.

Under the corporate model program, the Ministry of health also proposed to restrict the sale of unhealthy food in the workplace. We are talking about foods that are high in sugar, salt and saturated fat. Russians urged to exclude from the diet in the workplace potato chips, sweet, soda, energy crackers, and crackers, and chocolate bars.

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