Trump saw the “new bottom” in the history of journalism


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The President of the United States Donald trump criticized the New York Times and announced the achievement of a “new bottom” in the history of American journalism. About this politician said on his Twitter page.

“It (the American journalism approx. “Of the”) is nothing more than the devil’s propaganda machine is running on the Democratic party,” wrote the American leader.

So trump responded to the meeting the chief editor of the New York Times Dean’s Bucket with editorial staff on August 15. At its end bucket said that after the report of spectracolor Robert Mueller, the newspaper needs to shift the focus from trump’s relations with Russia the likely racism of the American President.

After that, trump accused the publication in the “witch hunt” and called New York Times one of the most devastating examples of bad journalism in history. “They go from his fake “Russian conspiracy” (the Mueller report, and his testimony was a complete disaster) to racism and “hunting for witches”,” — wrote the President.

In early June, the American leader has criticized the media who disseminated the information that he allegedly called the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle nasty. In his opinion, this story has become another product of “fake news”.

April 18 spectacular USA Robert Mueller released his report about Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016, won the trump. It says that Moscow actually intervened in the American election process, but existing suspicions on the Russian side and trump could not be confirmed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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