Ukraine got rid of objetives SBU drug Lord


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Ukraine extradited to Israel the founder of the largest international online networks of drug distribution, Amos Dov silver, announced in a Facebook press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Russia, Larissa garfish.

Silver, a citizen of Israel and the United States, was expelled from the Kiev Boryspil airport, she said, promised to disclose details later.

The man should have been extradited on 15 August, but he ran away from his accompanying officers of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU), taking advantage of, according to the publication “the Country,” hitch on the front of the Luggage check. On 17 August, the SBU reported about his capture and the detention of three of its employees on suspicion of facilitating the escape. In fact fleeing a criminal case.

According to the journalist Yuri Butusova, silver was detained in the city of Uman, Cherkasy region, around 200 kilometers from Kiev. He also wrote that security services seized a video from the airport, which depicted how a man escapes from his accompanying officers of the SBU: those allegedly “defiantly went about 5-10 meters ahead, and the arrested criminal, absolutely free, followed them back and then turned around and first on foot and then ran”.

Israel is looking for silver, the founder of the largest online drug distribution networks, for organizing the international drug cartel. He was detained in Kiev in March this year, then the Ukrainian side has received from the Israeli request for extradition of the suspect. Before his arrest in Ukraine of silver have continuously resided in the U.S. for fear of criminal prosecution in Israel, writes “Gordon”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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