Bear attacked a woman and received from her boyfriend with a knife in the eye



In the Russian village of Ust-Belaya area of Anadyr (Chukotka), a man stuck a knife in the eyes of the bear and saved the girl from death. About it reports news Agency “Chukotka”.

The incident occurred in the night of Friday, August 16. The girl and her companion walked along the river when she was attacked by an eight month old bear. According to chief doctor of the local hospital Natalia Vlasova, the predator bit the victim’s hand and tried to grab his neck. “Fortunately, she had two hood, and he failed,” — said the nurse.

Vlasov added that the bear knocked the victim to the sand, ruffled and trampled it under his feet. In time man came to the rescue and stuck a knife in the eyes of a predator, after which the beast fled. The doctor treated the patient’s wound, made the necessary vaccinations and was discharged from the hospital. Her condition was assessed as satisfactory.

Head of the Department for the protection of wildlife Yegor Vereshchagin recalled that in Chukotka is home to a large number of white and brown bears, which pose a danger to people. It is advised to stock up on flare and pepper spray, to give the predator back, and not to walk at night in remote locations.

In June it was reported that in Piy-hemsky district of Tuva Republic the local resident attacked by a bear. The man managed to scare off the predator, biting his tongue. The victim called an ambulance and took him to the hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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