Bogomolov decided to film Sobchak in the movie


www.vsyako.netKonstantin Bogomolov and Dmitry Subjectto: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Director Konstantin Bogomolov has declared desire to remove to the movies, the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. On Monday, August 19, reports TASS.

“If she wanted, gladly would have worked with her as an actress. Actually, I think Xenia is a very capable man. Honestly, no kidding. She is versatile, talented and ambitious. I think she’s got much more to come,” said Bogomolov.

The Director stressed that the specific joint plans about his cooperation with Sobchak yet. He also emphasized that could work with the presenter with which it associates the novel, in the movie, but not in the theatre: “Theatre is a specific sphere. It requires a different preparatory stage — long”.

Earlier in August, Bogomolov admitted Sobchak in love. In June, she officially divorced the actor Maxim Vitorgan.

On January 21 in one of the Moscow restaurants between Vitorgan and Bogomolov had a conflict. Ksenia Sobchak came to the school together with Bogomolov. After the appearance of her husband between men fight was started because of jealousy, in which he received a broken nose in two places.

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