Director of the Russian boarding house punished after the funeral toiler of the rear in the package


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tyumen for veterans of war and labor

In Tyumen has dismissed Vladimir Maksimenko, the Director of boarding house for veterans and buried in a plastic bag toiler of the rear. This was reported by press Secretary of the regional Department of social development Larissa Spitsyna, reports TASS.

Maximenko also reprimanded. He was dismissed on 19 August by order of the Deputy Governor of the Tyumen region. Spitsyn noted that the Department continues to test the facility.

On 6 August it became known that in one of the resorts Tyumen toiler of rear buried in a big plastic bag. The author of the publication in Vkontakte claimed that before the burial of a woman lay in the morgue for a week. The Department of social development has appointed the audit of the institution.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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