Discovered unprecedented cosmic catastrophe


www.vsyako.netImage: NASA

Collaboration LIGO scientists announced the possible discovery of the first ever observations of a source of gravitational waves GCN 25324, which is a binary system of black holes and neutron stars. When you merge objects, a black hole tore apart a neutron star and devoured its substance. This publication reports Science News.

The event was recorded on 14 August, but in April, researchers identified signs of a convergence of black holes and neutron stars, although the signal was weak. According to the calculations, the collision occurred at a distance from Earth of about 900 million light years. Astronomers were able to narrow the region of probable location of the binary system in the sky to 23 square degrees (the apparent size of the moon is about half a degree).

According to calculations, the mass of the lightest component, which with 99% probability it is a neutron star is less than three solar masses. Itself a binary system with a 99% probability it is a black hole and a neutron star, with less than one percent probability of a double black hole or a double neutron star.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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