Found the cheapest place to Park in Moscow


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The average cost per square meter in the Parking lot on the territory of “old Moscow” is 101,94 thousand roubles, minimum — 40 percent lower. This was reported in the study Urbanus (have edition).

As noted in the materials analysts, the cost of the cheapest per square meter Parking places within the old borders of the capital in 2019 amounted to 60,3 thousand rubles. This level was recorded in the LCD “Annino Park”, at the time of the publication of all proposals with the same price tag were sold out. Minimum rates were also noted in the residential complex “Rays” (66,2 thousand), “Lublino” (67.6 per thousand) and “ash” (69,8 thousand rubles per square meter).

“The square” Parking spaces in new buildings of New Moscow is an average of 75 thousand rubles. The cheapest — on 58, 7 thousand rubles per square meter — sold Parking spaces in the residential complex “White star”. Comparable rates have been observed in the LCD “Salarievo Park”: the cost of Parking here starts from 59.2 per thousand per meter.

The average cost of purchased in 2019 in Moscow Parking spaces, according to Urbanus, was 1.57 million rubles.

As reported in the spring of analysts of the company “NDV-Buildings” in April 2019, the average cost of Parking spaces in the Metropolitan building (excluding the New territories) was 2.2 million rubles.

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