Friend who killed the family of a teenager called a joke his message about the ease of killing


www.vsyako.netPhoto of Investigatory management SK across the Ulyanovsk region

Best friend teenager from the Ulyanovsk region, which killed family and committed suicide, called prank voice message on the “lightness” of murder, sent to them before death, the TV channel “360”. The young man also called a joke the involvement of man to AUE groups.

“I saw the video, there was a message. This voice mail was a joke. It was a joke. He wrote it as a joke I don’t know who he sent the message, but it was a joke anyway,” said the young man.

He also described as “nonsense” reports that a teenager killed a family did not like the brother and sister that were from another father.

“I think it’s nonsense. I also have a brother from another father, but I’m fine with them… It’s complete nonsense,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the father of 16-year-old schoolboy who killed his family and committed suicide is in a state of shock. Because of the state of men it is unclear who would conduct the funeral.

According to the preliminary version, the young man hacked to death the mother, brother and sister, grandma and grandpa, and then committed suicide in the village Patrikeevo Ulyanovsk region. Criminal case is brought. The boy could deal with the relatives due to the long hostile relations, or by reason of mental disorder. The consequence intends to spend posthumous psihologo-psychiatric examination.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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