George Martin spoke about the ending of “Game of thrones”


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Writer George R. R. Martin’s fantasy Saga “a Song of ice and fire” that HBO has produced the series “Game of thrones”, told how he was affected by the ending of the TV show. It is reported by The Observer.

“The completion of the series in its own way freed me. Now I can work at my own pace. There was a time when I could finish a book, I would be in a couple of years ahead of the series. The stress was incredible. To me, he affected not the best way. Instead of speed up me, the series in the end, I slowed down” — complained Martin.

In addition, the writer has noticed that the discontent of the fans of “Game of thrones” ending of the series will not affect the ending of his Saga, before the end of which there are still two more books — “winter Wind” and “dreams of spring”. “You can’t please everyone,” stated Martin.

Martin also admitted that he lost track of fan theories: “Some of them accurate, others not. Will have to wait for the remaining books to know the truth”.

On July 17 it became known that the fantasy series “Game of thrones” broke the record for the number of nominations for the award “Emmy”. He received 32 nominations, including the category “Best drama”.

“Game of thrones” came out on HBO in April 2011. The literary basis of the show was the series of books “a Song of ice and fire” writer George RR Martin.

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