Girl in Tinder asked the main question before a date and found understanding in the network


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Tinder user posted on Reddit a screenshot of your correspondence with the girl on a Dating app. Before to agree on a first date, she asked him an unusual question.

In dialogue with Tinder girl in the first message asked the guy what size his penis. However, she agreed that “strongly hastened to that question”. According to the wearer of the app, this interest stems from the fact that she was physically unpleasant too large male genitalia.

The author of the post jokingly commented on the screenshot with the phrase “its time has come”. The girl he said, “No, don’t worry, my penis is damn small”.

Reddit users have begun to doubt the reality of such a history. However, a few girls in the comments said that they too had similar difficulties.

Earlier in August, a Reddit user gained fame by telling about how convincingly explained to the girl in Tinder, why would she send him intimate photos.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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