RBC’s new leadership


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The new head of the United editorial office owned by businessman Grigory Berezkin of the RBC group appointed Petr Kanayev. This was reported on the newspaper’s website.

In 2017, he served as first Deputy heads of the editorial Board of the media holding. Before Kanaev worked as chief editor of RNS and was the Deputy editor-in-chief of economic service of the TACC.

Earlier, the joint editorial were two co-Director — Igor Reeds and Elizabeth Golikova. The report said that Reeds appointed Deputy Director General of RBC, will oversee the integration of content units of the holding. This Golikova will continue professional activity “outside of the company in the field related to journalism.”

Reeds and Golikova has been appointed managers of the joint editorial RBC in July 2016. Before that, they were Vice-chief editor of the Agency TASS.

Both managers worked in TASS 2013. Reeds led the service of economic information and news service agencies, and Golikova oversaw the relaunch of the site TASS.

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