Russian schoolboy shot himself in the finger mom’s gun


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Sukhorukov / RIA Novosti

In the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg was hospitalized eight-year-old student with a gunshot wound to thumb. On Monday, August 19, said “Fontanka”.

The incident occurred on August 17 in the house on the prospectus of Engels. The child was hospitalized in scientific research Institute of emergency care named Dzhanelidze.

As explained by the mother of the victim, the son found a traumatic pistol “the Wasp” in her bag, and then accidentally shot. The woman has a gun license. She made an administrative report under part 4 of article 20.8 of the administrative code (“Violation of rules of storage, carrying or destruction of weapons and ammunition”), the gun seized.

Earlier, in July it was reported that a teenager from Yekaterinburg randomly shot on the street and entered the familiar. When he shot the fence of the kindergarten, one of the bullets ricocheted and hit the girl shoulder. Young people didn’t call an ambulance and left the crowded street. Arriving home, she called paramedics, she was taken to the hospital where he received medical care and was released.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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