The couple decorated the cake the male genitalia and were ashamed


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reddit

Reddit users criticized a few, decided to celebrate with cake, on which was depicted the male sexual organ. The newlyweds ‘ photos posted user SuperterraneanAlien.

One of the photos was a picture of the bride and groom in bathing suits, and another cake closeup. On top of it was recreated, the hand of a woman holding a penis. On the side of the dessert was the inscription: “to have and to hold”. According to the user who published the post man had signed it: “I’m Not gonna lie, it captivated not only my heart.”

Most users found the idea disgusting pair. “It’s terrible. Don’t know what in the minds of these people. Perhaps a little something,” wrote one of the users. “It’s gross and dirty,” protested the other.

However, some drew attention to the positive side of the situation. “Yes, disgusting, but they found each other, and that’s fine,” concluded Miaisa22.

Earlier in August, users amused set for baking in the shape of male genitals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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