The FSB for the first time revealed details about coming to study in Russia foreigners


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

The frontier service of FSB first published statistical data on foreigners who come to study in Russia. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

In just the first two quarter of 2019, entered the country 181,5 thousand students. Most students came from Kazakhstan (59.3 thousand), China (21.2 thousand), Uzbekistan (14 thousand) and Ukraine (13.7 thousand).

Only in Russia studying visitors from 174 countries. So, from Britain the country was visited by 767 people from Belarus — 231, Canada — 99, according to three people from Malta and Honduras, as well as a citizen of Iceland. Also to come to the citizens of Iran, India, South and North Korea, Egypt, Morocco, Vietnam and the United States.

The FSB since the beginning of the year compiles statistics on the number of foreign citizens coming to study in Russia. It happened after Rosstat in 2018 updated the order approving the statistics of the FSB surveillance of foreigners. In addition to the study also added that the data collection work.

According to the Ministry of education, beginning in 2018, Russia had more than 274 thousand foreign students. In addition, according to the Ministry, the highest number of students went to Kazakhstan (65.6 per thousand), the second — Turkmenistan (27.4 thousand), followed by Uzbekistan (25.7 per thousand), the fourth were China (18.3 per thousand).

Earlier it became known that from the beginning of 2019 in Russia came to work more than two million foreigners. Most of the labour migrants arrived from Uzbekistan (918 thousand), Tajikistan (523,9 thousand), Kyrgyzstan (265 thousand) and Ukraine (164,6 thousand).

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