The main thief of Azerbaijan were outraged by a forgery of his signature under the bandit’s letter


www.vsyako.netNadir Calfoforo:

The main kingpin of Azerbaijan Nadir Salifov, known in criminal circles as Guli, expressed his outrage at the forgery of his signature by thieves “run” (the message). About it reports “Prime Crime”.

According to the Agency, on Friday, August 16, thieves Gocha Alpaidze (Alfacon), Georgy Nizharadze (Gia), Merab Gogia (Melia) and Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Car dig) through the “agent” in Tver Sayat Rostov brought to the underworld information about the new thief in law — Arthur Atabekyan (Arthur Young).

Authorities from the Kutaisi clan of thieves with the help of “run,” urged the inmates in the prison to treat Atabekyan “properly”. By thieves a message signed by the Nadir Salifov enjoying a great reputation among thieves. The authors of the message have long recorded Salifou to their supporters and decided with his signature to give weight to “run”.

Meanwhile, Salifou, upon learning of the signing, confirmed it and was very indignant at the disregard of his opinion. The main thief of Azerbaijan said that now is not the time for such messages — including because of the adoption in Russia of a new “antivirusul” law.

Representatives of the Kutaisi clan of thieves was very disappointed by the reaction Salifou and answered in the spirit that they do not care about new laws and they are not going to lay low. Of Salifou said: “without me you can say whatever you want and do what you want”.

15 may it was reported that Nadir Salifov challenged the influential authority of Tbilisi Eduard Asatryan (Edward Sturgeon).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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