The man learned the reason for his cough, and 16 days died


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Trevor Walker

Cough Briton Trevor Walker (Trevor Walker) proved fatal colon cancer. About this newspaper the Daily Mirror.

56-year-old Walker, a father of three children, for two months suffered from cough. The family decided that the man caught a chest infection and was advised to go to the hospital. The doctors ran a diagnostic and found the patient has bowel cancer.

“It turned out a tumor of the intestine spread quickly and moved to the lungs. This news has knocked us sideways,” admitted his wife Mandy (Johnson), with whom he lived together for 32 years. The doctors concluded that the patient remained about three weeks. The last days of the British was in the hospital surrounded by loved ones.

Walker’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, and in 16 days, on March 1 last year, the man died. “Everything happened so quickly. He is very exhausted, all that was left was skin and bones,” said the widow.

Mandy says that in addition to the weakness and cough her husband had not filed any visible signs of a deadly disease. “He was healthy and athletic man. He quit Smoking over 30 years ago. Besides, he almost never drank alcohol and tried to eat right,” explained a disconsolate wife.

Mandy told the medical history of the deceased spouse to warn others about the danger of this symptom of cancer, as prolonged cough.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of England for ten years took symptoms of cancer of the brain for chronic fatigue. The woman was diagnosed with an astrocytoma (brain tumor — approx. “Of the”), after which she underwent two operations, called for 30 sessions of radiotherapy and now chemo.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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