The Russian Arctic is proposed to give foreigners


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Who oversees the Russian Arctic in the government Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev in a letter to President Vladimir Putin has warned about the failure of offshore Russian oil state-owned companies. He proposed to put to the region of foreign and Russian private owners to create competition, says owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC with reference to Federal officials and interlocutors in the oil and gas companies who have seen the document.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that since 2012, the government issued 69 licenses for exploration and production of gas. The company had to drill 86 wells in the next 20 years, but as of 2019 drilled only five. Because of this, says Trutnev, the timing of initial development thwarted, and the Arctic shelf “does not work on the economic development of Russia”.

To solve the problem, the official suggested the use of the Norwegian model. That is to create state-owned operator of projects on Unallocated sites of the Arctic shelf. In the Russian state-owned companies must be at least 30 percent, and the remaining shares will be eligible for private or foreign company.

Trutnev pointed out that should require owning now licenses the company to begin development of the shelf until 2022. Otherwise, they will have to return the licenses for each project. The Deputy Premier also spoke about the idea to build a Russian drilling platform ice class worth 100 billion rubles. If you lease it working in the Arctic to companies that, he says, to recoup the construction and development will be possible in 11 years.

The letter, according to sources, sent in late July. Putin gave it to the Minister of energy Alexander Novak. The energy Ministry said that until not formed a position on this proposal.

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