The Russians want to attach to physical culture at work


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

The Ministry of health offered to employers to arrange for employees FizKult-breaks — breaks for exercise in the workplace. It follows from the materials of the program “health promotion work”, which examined owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

Such events are encouraged to carry out at least once a day, they aim to relieve stress, reduce fatigue and prevent occupational injuries. Enterprises should develop a set of exercises together with specialists in physical activity. As working titles for a power break, the Ministry has proposed “Charge for office”, “Office yoga” and “Pilates for the office.”

In addition, the Ministry of health offered twice a year to a Week of physical activity, during which workers will have to be from the elevators and walk the stairs, and will be able to participate in Bicycle races and sports contests, as well as to conduct exercises in the office. In such event employees will be able to invite members of their families.

Also in the offices recommended to create a room for psycho-emotional relief with aromalamps, capsules sleep and massage chairs. To monitor stress in the workplace proposed to introduce psychological testing and physiological research.

Earlier, the Ministry of health offered to employers to test employees for alcohol use. The purpose of this measure is to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. Process is proposed to carry out using a breathalyzer.

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